CHEM Research

We deliver business insights for your business success.

CHEM Research

We deliver business insights for your business success.

CHEM Research

We deliver business insights for your business success.

CHEM Research

We deliver business insights for your business success.

CHEM Research

We deliver business insights for your business success.

CHEM Research

We deliver business insights for your business success.

CHEM Research

We deliver business insights for your business success.

CHEM Research

We deliver business insights for your business success.

Business research is a strong resource for the right business decisions.  If you wish to operate successfully in the market for paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants – or intend to enter these markets – you require relevant market insights. CHEM Research is a B2B market research agency and consultancy specializing in these industries since 1991. It offers professional analyses and concepts for successful marketing strategies and sustainable business development.


Our Strengths

Industry focus

Unlike many market research companies we target our efforts at selected sectors: the paint, coating and adhesive and sealant industries, including suppliers, distributors and users.

Comprehensive industry sector knowledge

The CHEM Research team possesses a unique blend of technical and commercial knowledge dedicated to the target markets. The team experts offer a deep understanding of the relationship between product performance and market requirements – no questions remain unanswered.

Industry specific market research approach and expertise

Decades of industry observation and profound market knowledge form a solid basis for understanding long-term market developments and elaborating realistic forecasts.

Our extensive and proprietary market documentation provides the foundation for customized market intelligence. We evaluate skillfully success factors and market drivers at various levels (nationally, regionally and worldwide) in a qualitative and quantitative manner.

This approach facilitates not only the definition of the value of the subject markets but also to apprehend the markets from a volume-based standpoint.


We are a small team of experts, which implies short communication ways – both within the team and with our customers.

With our market knowledge we can address the project objectives right from the start thanks to a rapid learning curve.

Customer focus

Be it a one-off market investigation or a long-term market study our work concentrates on the client’s market intelligence and consulting requirements. The project approach is designed individually and the results are reviewed carefully for drawing reliable conclusions and recommendations from the analysis. We guarantee discretion and confidential handling of all company data.

Our Team

Industry expertise is a key prerequisite for creating dependable and actionable market intelligence. CHEM Research consists of a small team of seasoned industry specialists with many years of experience in the coating and adhesive and sealant industries and an excellent professional network.

Monique von Dungen

Monique von Dungen

Company Founder and Managing Partner

Monique von Dungen has many years of experience in international chemical market research and consulting. Before founding CHEM Research in 1991, she worked for various business consultancies such as SRI International and the Chemark Consulting Group. She graduated in biochemistry from the University of Geneva.

Wolfgang Giebelhausen

Wolfgang Giebelhausen

Senior Industry Analyst

Wolfgang Giebelhausen served for many years in marketing and controlling functions at BASF Coatings. Before joining CHEM Research in 1999, he was Controller for the worldwide business of BASF Coatings Auto Refinish Coatings. He holds a degree in business administration from the University of Hamburg.

Stefan Dreesmann

Stefan Dreesmann

Senior Industry Analyst

Stefan Dreesmann spent over 25 years in the marketing and sales department of Akzo Nobel Deco, specifically in the architectural paint segment. This experience provides him excellent expertise in this submarket in Germany and Europe. He studied business administration with a focus on marketing at the University of Münster.  

Our Services

Business research is a significant tool for supporting entrepreneurial decisions. Market insights are necessary if you want to operate successfully in your market or intend to enter new markets. B2B market research offers many possibilities for meeting business intelligence needs.

Market analyses

CHEM Research offers tailor-made solutions whether an all-encompassing market analysis or the study of selected business aspects (products, sales channel, regional view, etc.) are required. In general, the analysis is based on a comprehensive search of secondary information (desk research), followed by a thorough collection of primary information through expert interviews. The results of secondary and primary research are carefully evaluated and validated to develop quantitative and qualitative information and to elaborate market projections (forecasts).

We offer both exclusive single-client market investigations and multi-client market studies.

Company profiles

The accurate profile of a supplier, competitor, customer, distributor, or acquisition candidate is a key instrument for making strategic decisions. CHEM Research prepares customized company profiles in the subject industries that are tailored to the client’s needs. Company portfolio, financial information, announcements or site information are appraised and supplemented by CHEM Research expertise to match the client’s business intelligence requirements. We create company profiles as a one-off analysis or in the form of ongoing monitoring.

Customer and consumer behaviour

Understanding the needs and the purchasing behaviour of target customers is a key to business success. The “Customer Journey” tool defines the customer’s journey from the emergence of the need over to the supplier evaluation and purchase decision to the final evaluation of the purchase. This enables the identification of relevant “touch points” and facilitates competitive differentiation based upon a company’s own strengths.

Key-Note Speeches / Editorial Support

You are looking for interesting speakers and topics for your company or association conference: CHEM Research can support you with its extensive knowledge base and recognized experts.

We also offer copyright services and prepare articles for trade journals and in-house journals in collaboration with the relevant communication departments or agencies.


Our client base

Our customers originate primarily from the following sectors:


  • Paint & coating and adhesive & sealant formulators

  • Chemical companies, in particular manufacturers of raw materials for paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and printing inks (polymers, elastomers, pigments and additives)

  • Manufacturers of equipment for the processing of paints and varnishes and of adhesives and sealants
  • Chemical trading companies
  • Industry associations

  • Investors

The commissioned study on the growth factors influencing the decorative paint market in Germany was well received by our association’s expert group. The study identified the factors and showed their impact in a well-documented way. Thus, it revealed the roots of the factors that influence the market, which also increased the dependability of the forecasts.

Christoph Maier

German Association of Coating and Printing Ink Manufacturers

CHEM Research on Conferences

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CHEM Research in the Media

Our Media Releases


CHEM research’s studies and their results are impressive. This explains why our studies and media releases are often mentioned in the trade literature. A current overview and the download possibility are provided here.

Media Release 24-6-2021

Sales development Global TOP 11 P&C Producer Q1 2021

Media Release 15-6-2021

Global Demand Volume for Paints and Coatings expands by + 14 % in Q1-2021

Media Release 15-10-2020

Development P&C-Index Germany August 2020

Media Release 15-09-20

Sales Development of TOP 11 Global P&C Producers Q2 2020

Media Release 28-5-2021

Decline in German Paint and Coating Consumption in Q1 2021

Our reports in the media


supported by “Wir sind Farbe” – Articles supported by CHEM Research in the Journal of the German Coating Producer Association


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